Message dated 19/12/2020


The government announced this week that West Yorkshire is to remain in Tier 3 but even if we had been moved to Tier 2, we still would not have been in a position to reopen the club and therefore the club will remain closed, probably well into the new year.


However, Chris, John and myself are keeping the club ticking over, dealing with matters like alarm service, insurance renewal, wall repair, applying for grants and continuing to claim for and pay staff wages during these difficult times. Therefore we will be ready to welcome you all back once the restrictions are lifted.


We wish all members and staff a  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. -Keep safe and well and we look forward to the club reopening in 2021 once regulations allow.


Updated 01/11/2020

What does last night's announcement mean to Marsh Lib?
Because West Yorkshire will not be entering Tier 3 on Monday, but will be staying in Tier 2 until the national lockdown starts on THURSDAY5th November. Kirklees council are in the process of updating their website to reflect these changes.
Therefore we have a stay of execution for a few days.

Updated 30th October


As you will have all heard, we move into Tier 3 restrictions from 00:01 Monday 2nd November and the restrictions are expected to be reviewed on Monday 30th November.


Undernoted is a link to the council website and their Tier 3 guidelines:


We are hoping to provide a click and collect takeaway service early next week, once we have received clarification from Kirklees council.


We will keep you informed.


Updated 21st October


Following dialogue with Kirklees Council, we have now received further guidance regarding tier 2 regulations.



Tables need to be a minimum 2 metres apart, therefore the seating has been re-arranged to accommodate this regulation.


A support bubble is a single person who is permanently  in a support bubble with another household.



The good news is that we are now able to open up the snooker tables if we have good control measures.


Therefore we are opening the tables immediately with the following conditions:


  • All equipment to be cleaned between customers; this includes; triangles, cues, chalk & all the balls.
  • Players to be seated in between breaks.
  • Spectators to be seated while watching.
  • Players should stop playing on the non-match table when members enter the snooker room. (Toilet traffic)
  • 2 metre social distancing rule still applies for players & spectators.

Updated 24th September


Please note further information following the local and national restrictions this week with regard the 10pm curfew.


  1. APP - If you are able, please use the new NHS COVID-19 Test & Trace App when visiting the club.
  2. Face Coverings – Customers must wear face coverings in the club, except when seated at a table to drink.
  3. Table Service – Once seated staff will take your order, serve your drink and take your payment (Card preferred as the choice of payment)
  4. Socialising – People should not socialise with people you do not live with, unless they are in your support bubble (In other words, only 1 household per table)
  5. New Interim Opening Times:

Sunday                 12 – 4, 4 – 8 & 8 – 10

Monday               12 – 2 & 7 – 10

Tuesday               7 – 10

Wednesday         7 – 10

Thursday             12 – 2 & 7 – 10

Friday                    12 – 2, 4 - 7 & 7 – 10

Saturday              12 – 4, 4 – 8 & 8 – 10                      

Please stay safe.


p.s. Useful websites for more information




Updated 22nd September


Local Restrictions reimposed.

From Tuesday 22nd September, we are only allowed 1 household per table, indoors or outdoors.

Also, to ensure members do not socialise with people they do not live with, we are closing the pool table, both snooker tables, the dart board and the card table until further notice.


Updated 14/09/2020 - Hands/Face/Space


Government measures change from Monday 14thSeptember 2020. 


Only groups of up to 6 can socialize either INDOORS or OUTDOORS. 


What does this mean for MLC? 


NOW : 2 households around a table. 

FROM 14th September :  a group of 6 people from different households can meet round a table. 


INDOOR GAMES : Cards can now be played but equipment must be sanitized every time it is used. 


Usual social distancing rules still apply.


Marsh Liberal Club

COVID sub committee


Updated 2nd September

Hi all, it has been reassuring that generally everyone has been adhering to the guidelines and we have now been advised that local lockdown rules will be eased On Wednesday 2nd September.

We will be then back under the national restrictions which were brought into place on the 4th July. 


What will this mean for Marsh Lib? 


  • 1 way system to continue 
  • Only 2 households to sit around a single table 
  • Pool or darts available again 
  • Snooker – initially only open 1 table,  as per the local lockdown and then review the situation once we know what is happening with the various leagues.
  • Cards – we cannot see how this can operate without further easing of national restrictions. We are asking the card players  how they propose to play cards within Government guidelines.


 Just to remind everyone, the COVID sub committee have put together these regulations to adhere to Government guidelines, ensuring staff and customers are safe and the club can remain open. 


Updated 31st July


Local Restrictions

The implications of the Government announcement last night, means that inside the club , we are only allowed 1 household per table.

Also, to ensure members do not socialise with people they do not live with, we are closing the pool table, both snooker tables and the dart board until further notice.

Hoping my next announcement has more favourable news.


Updated 24th July


Firstly, the club would like to thank members for adhering to the guidelines.


We have now been open for a couple of weeks since lockdown, it is early days and business is building slowly.


We are now in a position to re-start the Tuesday quiz from the 28th July with social distancing.


We are also in  a position to make the dart board but only allowing 4 members in the pool room to play either darts or pool, not both.
Members will need to use their own darts and wipe down the dart board and scoreboard after use.


The opening of the 2nd snooker table is under review.


Just to remind everyone, only members are allowed on the premises to use our excellent facilities.


Please continue to follow our guidelines, including the one way system, at all times.


Thank you again for your cooperation.


Updated 7th July


Following advice received from the Government today, we are now able to open the snooker ‘match’ table during normal opening hours.


We are also opening the pool table, however, we are restricting the number of people in the pool room to a maximum of 4, while the table is in use.


Please continue to follow social distancing guidelines.


Guidelines for members during COVID-19 from 4th July


Dear member, welcome back to Marsh Liberal Club, although the hours are the same, you will notice some changes as to how the club has to operate and we would ask you for your patience during these times.


Please read the following guidelines carefully:

  1. Firstly, we will be operating a one-way system for entering and exiting the building.
    1. ENTRY will be via the back door (please avoid smoking close to the door)
    2. EXIT will be via the front door
  2. There will also be a one-way system for the travelling to and from the toilets.
    1. On leaving the toilets, exiting will be completed via the Coach House door. (BOTH Ladies & Gents)
    2. Ladies will only use their facilities one at a time.
    3. Gents will be only two at a time.
  3. On entry to the club (members only) each person will be required to register with the bar staff for potential track and trace purposes.
  4. Outside use (to be encouraged)
    1. Only two households are allowed at each table or a group of six from different households.
    2. Standing is allowed outside.
  5. Inside use
    1. Furniture configured for social distancing.
    2. Only two households are allowed at each table.
    3. No seating at the bar.
    4. No standing anywhere.

          Maximum numbers allowed seated in each room:
                  Main bar              -              26
      Pool room            -              12          
                  Card room           -                6
      Snooker room     -              12          

  6. Ordering at the bar
    1. Only one person at a time allowed at the screened area to order drinks.
    2. Only one person at a time allowed at the screened area to collect and pay for drinks
      (contactless payments encouraged).
    3. Members to take their empty glasses to drop off point in the snug.
  7. Social Distancing, members are requested to:
    1. Adhere to the 2 metre/1 metre plus social distancing at all times.
    2. Utilise the sanitising stations on entry, at the bar and when exiting the toilets.

We are implementing these measures based on Government guidelines; they are for everyone’s health and safety and to ensure the club remains open during these unusual times.


Finally, please stay at home if you feel unwell.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Russell Cole (Secretary)


The bowling green is now open, however there are strict conditions of use.


Please contact Graham Whitehouse to book a time slot.


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